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Viking myths

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When we think of Norseman or the Vikings, many myths come to mind created from the pencils of artist’s stage productions and Hollywood movie centuries later, let’s have a look at five of them.

 They had horned helmets,

 The Vikings bring up the classic image of warriors going into battle with devilish horned helmets. However, archeologists never have found any Viking helmets with horns to this day. this image is the result of 19th century artistic   IMAGE  license when artists and costume designers love the look of it so decided to give their depiction of the Norseman with horned helmets.

 Vikings smelled bad and were filthy,

 Poor hygiene is one among the primary things that come to mind when thinking of the Vikings. However, the Vikings were lots more hygienic than we think archaeological excavations have found combs, tweezers, razors wash balls, and ear spoon, they also made a strong soap with a high like content that was used to bleach the hair blond, also the Old Norse word for Saturday Laga dagger roughly translates as washing day.

 Vikings were tall Giants,

AS the writers of the time wrote, you may have thought that Vikings are like giants! in 921, an Arab traveler I bin Fahd Len came into contact with the roof’s Vikings and wrote: I have seen the ruse as they came on their merchant journeys and in comes by the Volga I have never seen more perfect physical specimens tall is date, palms blonde, and ruddy. but archaeological evidence has found that the average height was a little shorter than today Viking men stood around a hundred and seventy two centimeters tall or five seven, while women stood at a hundred and sixty centimeters or five three, but this was a little taller than the average Englishman Frank or Arab of the time.

 Axe was the common weapon in battles,

 Axis were one of the most common and favorite weapon that Viking warriors like to use in battles, but even more common was the spear both were cheaper to make than a sword, but a spear required the least amount of iron, it was used for throwing or thrusting.

 They were called Vikings,

most of us are familiar with the term biking rather than a word to describe Norseman as it has become “Viking” was used more as a verb for the activity of going on a ranked a small minority of people participating in raids were warriors while the majority were in peaceful professions as farmers traders craftsmen and merchants.

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