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10 Basic Car Cares And Maintenance Tips That Will Extend Your Car’s Life

We’re sure you know how to drive your car, even though you haven’t read your car’s manual. And yes, you know how to operate your wipers, AC, radio, and signal lights. But do you know how to change tires? Not only that but do you know how to maintain your car? If not, be glad you’re reading this! These simple hacks cannot be found in your car’s manual. But we got you covered! Maintaining a car isn’t as complicated as you think, and doing this regularly will conveniently make your car last longer. Have you ever done anything on this list?

Hot Water & A Plunge For Dents

Are you fed up with dents on your car? This may be the solution to your issue. Dents are very common, and everyone gets them from time to time. But it’s a very simple repair. What you must do is as follows: Bring water to a boil and pour it over the dent. Then, grab a plunger and pull it. Remember that if your vehicle is severely damaged, this will not work. However, for tiny ones, this will make the dents stand out! It’s not as flawless as it once was, but it’s considerably less apparent.

Toothpaste On Dirty Headlights
Do you have hazy headlights? Dropping by the car shop may be inconvenient, particularly if you’re in a hurry. Perhaps you have anything in your bathroom that you might use. It’s only toothpaste! It is effective on teeth because it contains mild abrasives that polish the enamel. If you don’t mind a little toothpaste and elbow grease, your headlight will be clean again. But if it’s yellowing, you should consider replacing it.

Opening Your Keyring With A Staple Remover
You don’t have to break your fingers trying to fit a fresh set of keys onto your bulky metal keychain. Use a staple remover to separate the end pieces and slip them in! It’s so simple that we’re sure you’re asking why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

Are you making plans ahead of time? We’re guessing you have some emergency car supplies in your trunks, such as oil, a funnel, a cloth, a flashlight, and other items. Purchase a shower caddy to securely store all of your important items so they don’t slide all over your trunk when you need them — and so nothing else in the trunk becomes muddy.

Use Pool Noodles To Prevent Car Dings

You’ve probably struck your garage door more times than you’d like to admit! A pool noodle split in half and attached to the wall where the door swings open is an easy fix (the scuff marks should make it easy enough to tell). You may fasten it with bolts or simple command strips, but either way, your vehicle and the wall will be protected!

Need A Trash Bin? Use Cereal Bins

We always throw away tiny bits of garbage without thinking twice. If you’re not cautious, the odor may stay inside your vehicle for a long time. So buy a garbage can and you’ll be able to prevent such issues. You don’t need to purchase anything new; just collect your cereal plastic containers. Take out a garbage bag to compress the waste and quickly compact the stink.

Reduce Glare With A Tinted Plastic Sheet

You forgot your sunglasses and the sun is coming down. The sunset rays are angling in an awkward direction where it hits directly to your face. What would you do? The visor won’t work, but something can! Get a tinted plastic sheet and attach it to your car window. You don’t need glue, static electricity will do the work. Of course, you might need to change it after some time but the sun won’t bother you anymore!

Lessen Frost By Parking Your Car Facing East

In the morning, park your car facing the sun. This may seem like magic, but this one is pretty easy to explain. The sun’s rays will partially defrost your front windshield. So when you leave work, you can lessen the time waiting for your heater to warm up your car!

You Can Use Pantyhose As A Fan Belt

First of all, if you’re in a convenient situation where you can contact a tow truck, do it. Breaking fan belts are absolutely one of the most annoying that can happen. But trying to save money by avoiding tow trucks if you can call them will make it more inconvenient. But if you’re in a remote area where you have no one to call and you’re stranded, here’s what you can do. Use your pantyhose as a fan belt so you can head to a gas station, or somewhere will cell coverage!

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